How To Wear A Mask (Or Not)

Say "What ho!" to Stiffy Byng. She's Bertie Wooster's best friend. Jeeves has asked her to demonstrate the various methods of wearing a mask.

Miss Stiffy Byng

Miss Byng apologizes for the state of her hair. Her maid was unavailable to assist.

Method 1:

The Jeeves

Always correct. The mask is worn over the nose and under the chin, and the elastic straps are securely fastened around the ears.
When ties are worn instead they are securely fastened over and under the ears. Gentlemen should attach white ties for a formal dinner occasion.

Method 2:

The Fink-Nottle

The addition of a nose wire has been shown to be most effacacious in assisting in the avoidance of condensation on eyeglasses.

Method 3:

The Drone

Just because all the young men are doing it does not excuse one from exposing one's nose. This method is most unhygienic.

Method 4:

The Chin-Strap

No, it is not a sporty look.

Method 5:

The Cap.

As ilustrated, it most definitely will not protect one's hair while motoring.

Method 6:

The Neck-Warmer

While some people wear their bandit scarves in this manner in order to consume food or beverage, this method is not recommended.
It is better to remove one's mask entirely to avoid soiling it.

Method 7:

The Flapper

Please do not undertake to emulate the ways of the so-called Bright Young Things. That path will only lead to misery.

Method 8:

The Blindfold

Young men at the Drones Club have been known to affect this method of mask-wearing whilst hurling bread rolls at a target.
It recommends nothing whatsover.

Jeeves conveys his most respectful thanks to Miss Byng for undertaking this task, particularly the more distataseful poses. Bertie says she's a brick.