Options for Mask Ties

These masks are all about options!

ear loops

This is the reverse side of a typical mask. The wire channel (black) and wire (silver) are shown on the mask, and the filter (included) is below.

On the left is an elastic ear loop with a tie stop. On the right is a paracord tie with a stop.

The loops will come inserted in the channels, but not tied so you can choose the best fit for you. Simply tie the elastic to the length you want and snip the ends. You may want them longer so you can use the stop to adjust to the most comfortable size for you. The cords will have the ends singed to prevent unraveling in transit. We recommend that you snip to a length a little longer than you like, knot the ends, and use the stop to adjust. You can simply tie the ends together if you want.

If you would like to use ear loops but the elastic or ties irritate your ears, an option is an "ear saver." I don't make these, but you can search for easy DIY ones online.  Anything that will extend the loops around the back of your head will do, even a large paper clip!


ear loops   ear loops

The above pictures show the choices of ties. Two 48" ties are included.

On the left, one tie is threaded through the channel on each side of the mask (your mask will come like this if you specify ties). Simply place the top strings over your ears and tie, and the bottom strings around your neck.

Or, you may use a single tie as in the picture on the right. The tie is in a "U" with the loop on the bottom. Place the mask over your head with the loop around your neck. Adjust and string over your ears and tie. (Note that while the position shown is most comfortable for either model, you can tie to fit your own head. The tie on the model on the right would slip down since her head is slick, hence the "ponytail." In either example you can use a stop instead of ties if you find it easier or more comfortable. Simply cut the excess cord to length and knot the ends to reduce fraying.

TL;DR: Here are your color and length options:

Ear loops: Black elastic, light blue or black paracord. Cut to approximately 14". 

Ties, white or black twill tape, light blue or black paracord. Cut to 48"

Both options will come with two stops.